Saturday, March 8, 2014

I Detour for Art

 It's that time of year, Art Detour 26. A weekend of open studios in the central Phoenix area. Of course, we go to see the art work but I enjoy seeing the artists' workspace just as much. Here's Michael Marlowe's t-shirt and duct tape covered chair set for sitting in and admiring his paintings. Admire, we did.
Also at Jackson Street Studios, Diane Silver.
I visited her studio at last year's event. She had newly moved into the space. To see the progression of her work from last year was exciting.
Linda Ingraham is preparing for an exhibition celebrating 25 years of art making. Her studio was at the top of our list. The Chick has expressed an interest in photography. She was intrigued by Linda's inspiration wall in addition to the photos. 

Next stop, Olney Gallery at the Trinity Cathedral. Talk about love...
Kaori Takamura-Screen printed and stitched canvas. Swoon!
 Christopher Jagmin-Detail of his encaustic, "Harbor." Wow!

Last stop of the day, two galleries at the Arizona Center. Fred Tieken at LUxx Gallery. Quite the "E" ride.

"Los Tres Cabrones" at Obliq Art. Gotta love these guys!
Joe Ray-I've had the pleasure of seeing him at work. What passion and fun...
Gennaro Garcia-I'd never seen a Madonna I wanted to bring home until today.
Last but not least, Frank Ybarra. With every new painting, it is love at first sight again. This is his blooming agave.
Here's mine! I found one blooming at my eye level outside the Olney Gallery.

Today was somewhat of a throwback gallery tour. Linda Ingraham, Frank Ybarra and Manny Burruel, curator at the Olney, and I met as members of MARS artist cooperative years ago. It's wonderful to step in a gallery and be greeted with smiles and hugs. It never fails that we bump into friends too. 

Tomorrow brings more studios, galleries and the building of new relationships. Can't wait!


  1. Great tour guide! Thanks for the reminder about Linda Ingraham!

  2. I saw Gennaro's Madonna at the FOMA Home Tour, I called it the "Lupe Prison Break"…I loved it as well...