Sunday, March 9, 2014

I Detour For Art Two

 Day Two of Art Detour 26. We hit the ground running and then sort of sputtered towards the afternoon. We sure got in a lot. 
First stop-Coe House

 Hugo Medina at Hugo's Art


Revolver Records-Not exactly new art but lots of memories and cool album cover art.

Eye Lounge

MADE Art Boutique 

515 Gallery-Hands down best quality group show that I saw on Roosevelt Row today.

 Green Haus


 Our last stop-The Hive

We re-energized by taking same time to relax in good company at The Hive. Our Art Detour this year was but a drop in the bucket. We didn't make it to Grand Ave. but most of the galleries will have closing receptions on Third Friday.
Thanks for coming along the tour with us!


  1. I love visiting art galleries, but don't do it often enough. You've inspired me to find a new one during my spring break next week!

  2. Hi, Marissa. Glad to meet you, too. I "know" several Phoenix bloggers. I used to have them separated on my blogroll but Wordpress got a glitch and they're all together now but I need to fix that at some point. I love blogging, do it about twice a week as long as I have photos to share. I'll check back soon...