Saturday, June 15, 2013

Art is in the House

Years ago, visiting my sister's house, I liked how she had some of my niece's schoolwork framed and hanging in the bathroom. Since then, I've hung some of the Chick's art work in our own bathroom "gallery."
Today I finally updated our display and hung up some new pieces.
The work ranges from 2nd grade through to recent projects from 8th grade.
 She says this is her best piece made in art class. Pastel in an impressionistic style. Talk about patience. The whole thing is made from individual lines/marks. The deer was her favorite part of the picture. I hope you can see it against the tree trunk.
 In an effort to keep my Chick busy last summer, I enrolled her in camp at a local art school. The theme for the week was The Figure. There was a lot of self portraits produced in various media. Printmaking/lettering combined above, charcoal drawing below.
I'm extremely pleased that she hasn't seemed to have inherited by ability to break out in a sweaty panic at the mention of drawing. More so at the mention of figure drawing.

This last piece is from 3rd or 4th grade. Her school selected an art project from each child, had the works matted and framed. An art exhibition was held at the school and families were invited to purchase the work.
It's the fanciest framed of all the pictures. The other colorful frames were purchased at Ikea.

My two favorite pictures were created in second grade but the glare made it difficult to get a good picture even at a 45 degree angle. Now my main concern is if The Chick is going to give me a hard time about the self portraits when she sees them tomorrow. So far, she's never minded her other work being up. We'll have to wait and see.


  1. Hanging art is the bathroom is a cool place to display creative works of art. There are also some people that get creative and hang art outside, like on the porch. I love the idea of framing a child's artwork. Each piece looks fabulous! Your child has artistic talent!

  2. Thanks, Isabel. So far, the humidity in the bathroom hasn't affected these pieces. I had some other paintings in here that needed to be removed.

  3. Great work and great idea to use that wall space.

  4. She seems to have inherited your talent- beautiful pieces! I would have never thought of making a gallery in the bathroom, but you've totally made it work. BB2U

  5. wow, i love her art! the variety of styles is amazing!! ^.^ very cool idea, maybe i will do this with some of the art my husband and i have made!

  6. Art camp sounds like so much fun and educational!!

  7. aw, your little lady is talented like you. I enjoyed looking at every single piece. The self portraits are great. :) You must be proud.