Saturday, July 27, 2013

Getting Trashed

 Painted paper. I usually create some for various projects and there's always scraps left over. A friend gave me the idea to sell mine after she received a packet as a gift. So painting production is in full swing.
My painting process usually starts with a mad session with gesso. This time I took a different approach. Gelli plate, stencils and paint came first.
 Stencils. I own tons of them but I'm always on the prowl for every day items or discards to use. You might find me walking out of a store with empty display cardboard or packing materials.
I found myself using these over and over again. Circles, my favorite but the deli plate, baking pan, bubble wrap and bubble wrap envelope were in constant use.
 Pulling print after print takes up a lot of space and before you know it, there's stencils and paper covering every surface. I needed a solution. This one's been working great. A paper organizer from the office supply department. This has made it easier to set up one painting table at home.
Let the painting party continue!

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