Saturday, June 8, 2013

Urban Excavation

I have one more event to look forward to every month. Urban Restoration is a cooperative of 4 artists. They go on the hunt for lots of cool finds and have a sale one weekend every month.
I went to last month's sale and will get over there this weekend. Gotta love that globe lampshade.
Vintage linens, frames... I was really giving that door to the left the eye.
There was a steady flow of customers. The items are new every month.
It's like a dig, looking for a hidden prize.
Let's see what we discover at this month's sale.


  1. How cool, this looks like so much fun.

  2. What a great event to find all sorts of cool items! The globe lampshade is totally unique! :-)

  3. This is soo cool! I'm eyeing those vintage frames.

  4. Great stuff! I hope you find some nice on your next trip there