Saturday, December 8, 2012

'Tis the Season...

...for craft fairs! My vending season is winding down with only two more events coming up this week.
 Here's my Studio Artology booth set up this last Wed. at Phoestivus at Phoenix Public Market. I'll be there again this coming Wed. I hope the evening temperatures are as pleasant as they were last week!
As of October, I had only 3 "Juicy" books left. It was time to spread out for a few days to prepare new books. It took up about 6-7 tables to spread out and distribute papers to go with their covers.
 The sets look something like this when I've gathered the papers and am ready for the next step of trimming everything to fit.
 My inventory of fabric journals tripled too. Because I make multiples of everything, I have to set up a production line system. It's a little crazy. A lot going on, everything in progress and then everything gets finished at the same time!

 Girl Scout books have been at the top of my list. I gathered and saved as many boxes as possible last year. I've also added pocket aprons to my booth. A friend and I picked up some Girl Scout themed fabrics a few years ago. Mine have been waiting to become something. Cookie booth season is coming up. The aprons could come in handy.
My fabric stash has been growing. I realized that some of the designs would work best for aprons than something else I was thinking of. I checked my pile, I have 20+ more aprons to finish for tomorrow's Merkaz Marketplace event
The Merkaz event has doubled in size since last year. Thirty+ vendors last spring to 70 tomorrow! The weather couldn't be better! In fact, the Chick and I are going to visit a few outdoor events today and then we have to come home and light the first Hanukkah candles tonight!


  1. I hope you sell these throughout the year, because they are too cute not to! BB2U

  2. Really cool! I would love to be more crafty! Great job!

  3. I'm on the fence as to the direction to go with vending, BB. I either have to make a bigger financial and time commitment to vend locally year around or go the online route and set up a spot for packing and mailing at home. Decisions, decisions...

  4. I love craft fairs!! It must be a lot of fun to meet people all day and sell them something you made :)

  5. Wow how amazing, glad it is growing very fast!


  6. SOO CUTE!!!! i'd love to see some journals with Latino product covers. or spanish writing, i'd totally get one! besos #llblog

  7. These are all so wonderful, you are TALENTED! xoxoxo, adri