Saturday, December 1, 2012

One Line After Another

It's craft fair season and I needed to come up with a simple book making project for a recent event. I settled on a paper bag book using grocery store bags. The bags weren't interesting enough so out came the gesso and the Sharpie pens. Example #1 above.
Plenty of bags were left over so I figured, I'd try to finish a few books to sell at the next craft fair. The drawing is also a great way to decompress after a crazy day. These are my take on some figures from a pattern drawing book. I rarely draw people. My thing is pattern but I thought I'd give these a try. Once I resolve the space above the heads, this one will be bound and ready for a new home.
These are my examples for a big drawing project I do with my 4th graders. Each child chooses an animal native to the Sonoran desert then draws designs incorporating flora, fauna and Native American motifs.
The objective is to create interesting designs by the using a variety of shapes, sizes, thick/thin lines and value. The work is all done in marker. Make a mistake and problem solving comes into play.

It's taken a long time to feel comfortable drawing, much less share anything I draw. (College drawing classes left me extremely intimidated). I didn't give these much worth as they're examples for elementary students. A little exposure and an open mind is changing my belief about that.

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