Saturday, December 15, 2012

Phoenix Festival of the Arts

It's not as often that we're out and about these days but I was on a mission last weekend to visit the first Phoenix Festival for the Arts.
My goal? To see the 80 plus murals in progress and get a chance to contribute by helping paint some too. Above is Gennaro Garcia, artist, founder of Calle 16 and organizer of the mural portion of the event. He arranged with Home Depot to get all the 4'x8' wood panels donated for the mural.
I got my chance to paint on one of the butterflies. My partner in crime, the Chick, was not into painting. She was content to go online on my phone while I painted. That's a teenager for you!
 We walked the grounds a got a few pics of other murals. Quite the variety!
 I'm not well versed in outdoor art so I was intrigued with some of the techniques used. The desert sun is brutal here. All the panels will get a weather coating before going on display.
 A familiar face and collaged doilies
 The artists were as varied as the artwork.

 Collaged patterned paper and stenciled shapes. These techniques, I can do. If another call to artists like this goes out, I plan on throwing my hat in the ring.
 I'll leave the spray can artwork to the experts.
The murals will be on display for the next 3 years along the outer fence of Steele Indian School Park in central Phoenix.


  1. I LOVE this post. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful photos of the artwork. Nothing inspires me more than viewing art.

  2. I can imagine painting part of the mural was lots of fun! Love the photos of the murals!

  3. I hope you can do another post w/pics- or better yet a video of all the artwork once they're all on display. Nice pic of you and the art- The Chica did you proud. BB2U

  4. wow, that looks like such an amazing community project. the chola hello kitty is pretty cool, never seen her express herself like that hehehe..your butterfly is beautiful! xo

  5. Amazing Artists!! What an amazing group to be apart of!!