Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Another Day

I got to work today and took a moment to take in the sky. It was a start to just another day just like so many others.

Tonight I was at a gathering and I heard an artist talking about her inspiration for a body of work she is working on. I used to do that. Create art work. Exhibit it. Put myself out there... But I stopped.

I dropped out of that art world. I lost touch with artist friends. I sporadically attended art events. I never made a decision to distance myself. It's just the way things went. I missed it at times but figured when I was ready, I'd step back in. That time seems to be happening now.

A few nights ago I attended an open studio for an artist friend. I was asked if I was still making artwork and I answered that I was still creating but not making art to exhibit. I knew there a reason why I stopped but I couldn't remember what it was. Tonight as I listened,  I remembered.

I was once willing to dig and dive in and dwell. Then I wasn't willing or able to do that anymore.

On my own. Mom to a toddler, my emotional focus needed to be elsewhere.

I'm reconnecting again. Dipping my big toe back in the art pond. I'm probably thinking too much but it helps to remember why I backed out.

I was mulling over some ideas. I usually tuck things in my journal, jot an idea down here and there. After 3 months I finish a book and I don't usually go through them again until the next blue moon. Tonight I dug out some sketchbooks. My last one was from 10 years ago. Some ideas I'd already worked on. Some I wish I had but that book got shelved. It had baggage from where I was back then. I want to travel but not down that memory lane.

There's a blank sketchbook lying in front of me. Still thinking too much. Keep a sketchbook or stick with the journal? Oh, who cares. Do one, do both. Just do... then make... then put it out there.

Never thought I be thinking this when I took that picture this morning.

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