Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Weekend

 The Chicklet spends every other weekend with her father. Sometimes our weekends together are jam packed but two weeks ago, we had nothing on the calendar. Lucky for us, there were lots of Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead events through out the Valley to check out. The clincher-whatever we did had to be free.
 We started out at Xico Gallery in downtown Chandler. We participated in a cascarones making workshop. What are cascarones? They're confetti filled, decorated eggshells. Break one over someone's head for good luck.
My tia used to make these when I was little. She would decorate each egg with fanciful hats and funny faces. I'd never made any one my own though.
 Xico Gallery... this was our first visit. The floor area is sectioned off. Local artists have painted a block in their own style. It felt weird walking on their work but once we started looking at all the art...
Boy, was there lots to look at! I fell in love with this shrine to Frida Kahlo. I love that it was made out of a discarded drawer. The recycler in me...
 Along with so much art to see were lots of artistic goodies. We spied these pendants and later in the day we met the ladies that made these.
The Chicklet really liked this flower hairclip. OK, now I want to get my hands on these skull buttons/beads.
If it hadn't have been free day, this coloring book would have been mine.
Next stop, Vision Gallery. It's down the block and around the corner from Xico. It was our first visit here as well.
 Art-o-Matic!!! It's of of the few I know of that's local. It's an old cigarette machine. Put in a $5 token and out comes a little work of art in a box the size of a pack of ciagrettes.
The gallery is an amazing venue. Huge, contemporary, tons of light from the walls of windows.
 Oh wow! Loved these. Now I have more ideas for my own clay bead totems/sculptures.
Our next stop-
This was our first time visiting this event. A friend was selling there. There was plenty to look at.
 The toilet seat of my dreams, hahahahahaha... I think not. I don't think I would like being watched. This artist had some great painted pieces that we liked.
You might be able to see that the chicklet has very pink cheeks. It was hot and we started to wilt. There were still places on our list but we made our way home. Another day full of adventures!

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