Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Green Handed

The weather cooling has me taking advantage of the pleasant temperatures and spending lots of time in the garden. I haven't shared much art making and I've been wondering if there's much going on in the studio... There has but it's scattered.

I've been developing and teaching a printmaking unit with my 5th graders during 1st quarter. The unit will soon be online on a local art venue website in conjunction with a current art exhibition.
In addition to the student work, I was asked to make some examples geared towards high school students. I took my image and made a pile of prints on different papers.
When it came time to make my examples, I had to cut, glue and collage.
That wasn't enough. I headed over to the sewing machine and then the markers came out.
I found myself in the mood to get dirty the other day. My red clay was waiting for me. I made some more pieces for garden sculptures. The last ones I glazed looked great. Then I wondered how the glazes would look like with red clay.
I usually only use red clay with my 3rd grade project. I have lots of red clay leftovers I haven't figured out what to do with. Depending on how the glazes look on the red clay, I might try using the junk clay with some other grades.
I have a tray of these that I'm working on. My goal was to make something interesting and dimensional using with recycled materials.
Step one. So far, so good although I like some shapes better than others. What are they going to be? I'll show you when they're done.

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