Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lowly and Disrespected

Our principal put out an email a few ago about some available utility carts up for grabs. There were only two and 4 of us responded. My name was not on the short stick... she said there were more but not as nice. Ok, the other two were rejects so I opted for the next batch. Then I got this.... Um, ok...

This sad little cart. Hey, I'm cool with retro but it didn't come close to the first two with the folding shelves on the sides. Hmmmm... Spray paint, where are you?
The after. Still doesn't have those coveted fold down shelves on the sides, oh well. Sure looks heaps better.
Black was fine but given that it was makover time, it had to be an artistic makeover. I painted some tag board for the shelves. I can change them out when I'm in a blues mood, ha, ha.

It was time to load up the cart with the goodies. My doc cam and projector. It's a good fit but all the cords! It's a tangled mess. Spaghetti! But I have a cart now and it's nice and so me! That's what counts.

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  1. A BiG improvement... I have one of the fold down type writer tables and I love it. It is used to hold my husbands printer or lap top computer. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!