Thursday, March 31, 2011

Waiting for Silence

It's the end of the school day and the students are heading to their busses. We're a self contained building and there is to be no talking while in line in the hallways. Fat chance. Some of the kindergarteners are loud enough to be heard a football field away.I wouldn't mind some quiet of the desert....

We're one week into the 4th quarter. The music teacher and I have switched schedules one last time and I now have 1st, 2nd and 4th grade classes in art while I have said good bye to Kinder, 3rd and 5th graders for the year.

Statewide testing takes place in another week or two. The Chicklet comes home everyday now and complains about her teachers pressuring her and her classmates to excel on their tests. I hate the emphasis on testing. As the Art teacher I'm not even in the thick of it but I can see how it sucks the pleasure out of teaching.

The kids have made their way to the busses. It's a teacher work day and I can hear my colleagues conversing. I'm eating my lunch at my desk in between typing sentences...

My day has constant running around today. It feels good to sit down for a moment but I'll be up shortly. I have a list somewhere of lots of stuff to do.Here's some Prickley Pear cactus blooms I came across last Saturday. Thought I'd share their brilliance.

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  1. Two of my kiddos came by at lunch recess last week to catch up on their ceramics. Because my room was empty & QUIET at the time, they asked "Aren't you scared to be in here when it's so quiet?!"