Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Art Detour was held this past weekend. It's an annual events of open artist studios in downtown Phoenix. I last participated in March 2002 and I believe that's the last time I went to see the open galleries too.

We had a lazy morning at home then made our way to the Phoenix Market in downtown. It'd been more than a year since the Chicklet and I have gone and it's grown so much since then. We arrived close to quitting time and I was so busy wandering, I forgot to take pictures! Next we knew, the vendors were packing up. We'll be going back soon.

We decided to head over to some galleries off Grand Ave. I wanted to see this:I've been getting information on this online and it was about time we saw this in person!I think this one was my favorite.Piñatas are and have always been, a staple of every birthday celebration in our family for as long as I have memories. This one is closer to my mental image of what a piñata is with all the fluffy tissue paper.This one mutated to the height of 6 feet or so. Not only was it cool but the painting on it was beautiful too. It took piñatas to the level of sculpture.The Chicklet wants to make one for next year's show. So do I! I want my students to make some too!This was just pretty.Hi Birdy!!!

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