Saturday, March 19, 2011

Brown Thumb, Green Thumb

Spring Break equals Garden Week. The weather has warmed up and I have the time to invest some time and energy into getting dirty.

The herbs are thriving. This cilantro plant is easily 2 feet high. The two types of mint next to it are full and green as well. I planted cilantro and mint in the back yard planter too. It was my attempt at trying to guarantee success. They are growing happily back there too.Our desert marigold "nursery." About a dozen plants have randomly sprouted in this patch. I'm trying to decide where I'm going to move these to give them more room to spread out and grow.Happy dance! The orange bells are back! All the brown behind this branch is the frost damage done to the orange bells growing along the driveway. This was the first plant to show new growth. Of the five, all are recovering. Esteban and I were sitting in the patio yesterday in the morning and we saw the first blooms. What an amazing recovery.

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