Sunday, April 10, 2011

Desert Spring

Having grown up in Los Angeles, my idea of desert evoked images of a barren wasteland. That or Bugs Bunny and Wiley Coyote chasing each other across and endless landscape. Twenty plus years in Phoenix has been quite an education.

Spring is my favorite time of year in the desert. The cacti put on a real show of vibrant color. I stopped by one of my favorite nurseries the other day. I was trying to find the names of some of my agaves. I've been pulling agave pups left and right from my garden and giving them away.

The cacti were in full bloom in and around the nursery.
I found this growing in my yard. An interloper. It came with the wind, found a spot in my yard and had the gumption to germinate.It's a wildflower named Globe Mallow. It was smart enough to be an orange flowered one rather than the pink variety. It gets to stay. Not everything arriving with the wind is welcome but this is a little unexpected gift.Sky Flower. Never seen it before but I really liked it. If I can find a good spot for it, one will find a home in the garden.While LA has ice plants grow along freeways, many freeways in Phoenix have bouganvilleas. The two in my garden took a hit with the frost but they are slowly coming back. It will be awhile before we see this kind of color in my yard but it's something to look forward to.


  1. Why settle for just orange globemallow? I've got pink, rose, red, lavender and many tints in between...Want some seeds? Also - what is your favorite nursery?

  2. I have a color palette for the garden. Only reds, oranges and yellows allowed. I have one pink bouganvillea which is placed in front of the blue wall facing the street. An homage to the pink bouganvillea outside my parent's house where I grew up.