Thursday, March 3, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Stroll, anyone?
I'm not one of those people who talks about being born in the wrong century or believes they belong in another era. I can be fascinated by things I see from days gone by.

These ladies are lovely, aren't they? The Chicklet and I visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LACMA, in December. I felt like I was home. Well, LA is my hometown...

Originally, my focus of study was in fashion design. "Fashionista" is far from anything anyone would use to describe me. "Artist" suits me much better. I still love fashion. Vogue magazine is a staple in this household.The pictures can't do these garments justice. They are a garden of delights. The fabrics, the stitching, the textures, the richness of it all...Over the years I've begun to understand that my interest in fashion is for all it's artistic and sculptural elements.(Excuse the fuzzy shot). None of those garments could take shape without under garments AKA:Garments of Torture. Spanx in Arizona? That's torture enough for me when the temps get beyond 78 degrees... Imagine a corset!
Some years back, LACMA had an exhibition titled "An Elegant Art," exhibiting fashions from the late 18th century. Images of corsets have been singed into my brain ever since.Volume, shape, tension became part of the focus of my work way back when.How do you walk around with a bird cage around your waist?
Check out the padding... Hard and cushy, squishy, depending on where you touched, if you touched...Hilarious and intriguing at once. I love this stuff. I get all giddy when I experience shows like this.A little sway back, perhaps? What these contraptions did to mishape the female form is atrocious but the pieces themselves are works of art.
On a completely different tangent... Energetic, colorful flying petals of color courtesy of Henri Matisse. I could live with this tile mural in my house! Thank you, Matisse!

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  1. Thank goodness we do not have to wear those things but ah, yes, beautiful and very interesting foundations!