Sunday, March 13, 2011

Odds and Ends

Spring... Spring Break has arrived in the desert. I dug out my shorts from the closet. It's a small window of time to enjoy being outdoors without getting fried.

My garden is many shades of brown :( We had some extreme freeze warnings this winter and many of my plants were really damaged. Luckily, I'm seeing green sprouting from many of them. Most of the green is from weeds! Yuck, weeds. I have my work cut our for me.

My "To Do" list for this week is long. It usually is. The Chicklet is going to be close to home. I believe it's time to have her start working on her tan... No sense keeping all the yard work to myself!

Good news! My work was accepted for the Sunnyslope Art Walk next month. I'll be one of the vendors along Central Ave. on Sat. April 9th. The cards pictured above will be for sale. I don't consider myself much of a card maker but I participate in card swaps with friends. I've been making extras to have on hand to sell.Love these. No, I really, really love these! I took a Paper Scrap Stitching class with Jane Eileen. This lady is a magician. Not only do her techniques inspire me but they put me to work!

I pulled out scrapbook paper scraps, cut up some calendars, scavenged food packaging pieces, then dug through my junk mail pile. See the big red/white "Flip?" I fell for the booklet advert from Target mailed out during the holidays. My sewing machine is happy to be getting so much attention.

Sewing paper isn't new but the secret of an easy substrate to use was the "Aha" moment when I took Jane's class. It just feels better to sew on than cardstock. I can't explain it but I don't like the feel of sewing on cardstock as much. That's my personal issue...Although I can easily throw a nice cloth on a table and have the first layer of my table display ready to go. I'm sewing a fitted table cloth for my tables for the vendor fairs. I stopped by SAS the other day. It's a local fabric and trims chain in Phoenix. It's a bit of a warehouse, dig through piles/odds and ends kinda place. You have to be ready for the hunt.

I scored the equivalent of a lion kill the other day. Alexander Henry prints! I was going to pass on them and come back another time. Then a few people started asking about them and I knew they would be gone. These are going in the apron fabric pile. Not sure about the cowboy one. I had a pang of nostalgia to playing cowboys and indians with my brother as kids.

This is going to be enough for now. The sunshine is calling!

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  1. Oooh - maybe I need to make a trip over to SAS! Haven't been there in years - just too tempting & hard to leave without armfuls of stuff...