Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Search Continues...

Thursday has been a day to look forward to. A day a little different from the other days of the week. It was....... Mexican Food Thursday!

An aunt and uncle of one of our secretaries had a little Mexican food place and each Thursday our staff would have lunch delivered to school. After awhile the Chicklet and I would make the trip across town and have dinner. One bite into their tacos and we were in heaven.

Sadly, the restaurant closed down and the Chicklet and I are looking for the next good mom and pop place. We tried a place that is right around the block from us. We both panned it. The rice and beans are the first test. If they have no flavor, it's a pretty good indicator that it's not for us.

I've always had my favorite mom and pop places in LA and Oakland. My lifestyle in Phoenix hasn't included a lot of eating out and making culinary discoveries. Not the big name or sit down places but the hole in the wall, mom and pops.

I had a long day yesterday and thought about trying out another nearby spot. It's a lot more fun when I have the company of the Chicklet. We tried out the fare of a local grocery store. I asked if the mild pico de gallo was spicey, "oh, not at all," they said. We dug in and neither one of us could finish our burritos. Yeah, yeah, some Mexicans we are! Our lack of eating spicy food comes from our Jewish side. Really!

Speaking of the Jewish side... We were at Costco this week. Thay have mega big boxes of matzo. It's kosher for Passover. The box also has enough matzo to feed an army. Are we right around the corner from Passover, already? There were huge jars of Gefilte fish for sale as well. Oh, no thanks to that! Norwegian fiske boller, (fish cakes), perhaps. I'm glad gefilte fish is not one of our family traditions...



  1. You should try Carolina's. They have the best OAXACA burrito. A mix of refried beans, cheese, papas, and chorizo! There is a location on 91st ave and Peoria OR 12th St and Mohave... yup down the street from the OLD Food City. :)

  2. Have you tried Chino's?
    Unfortunately I have no Mexican or Jewish heritage to draw on but they did make it to the BIG TIME on the TV show Diners & Dives...

  3. You guys are giving us some places to check out. Thanks!