Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just One day

It felt like this week would never come. My head was just swimming with thoughts of making it to Feb. 9th and the hearing in family court. Then the day finally came. What an anti-climax. I was there to to identify myself and keep a chair warm.

All that took place was between the judge and the Ex. Essentially the judge's first words were to tell the Ex that he could not show he was to claim the Chicklet as a dependent for his 2008 taxes. In fact, the information he gave the court proved this. The Ex quoted some inane comments which made no sense to the judge.

They went back and forth. The Ex blaming The System and the judge telling him that ultimately, the responsibility was his to confirm paid support payments by the prescribed date.

The judge ruled and then we went on to the Ex's second complaint. The Ex said he was still upset about the previuos ruling. The judge said we were moving on. The Ex said "forget it!" The judge was more than happy to oblige and we were free to go.

This is what I had to take the morning off of work for? This is why 4 classes of 5th graders didn't get to paint? This is what I had to fill out the pile of papers for? No one asked for them, the Ex didn't fill out any of them... They were unnecessary!

This is why I backed out of my 1st craft fair????! Yes, I was pissed as I left the courthouse and headed back to work.

I was happy to be back at work and found myself busy and enjoying the distraction of kindergarteners. I was relieved to realize I hadn't thought of court hearings, ex husband, etc. the whole time we were cutting and gluing and having a good time.
I'm sharing some pics of the flowers from my garden. The freezing temperatures 10 days ago ravaged my garden. Even some of the plants I covered were damaged. With time, they will come back. If only the weeds had been affected by the cold... They are bright and green everywhere!