Friday, February 11, 2011

I Hate When This Happens

I received an email newsletter this week from the Bead Museum in Glendale, AZ. After much effort, they could not meet the financial requirements to continue. The museum is closing its doors on March 12th...

The Chicklet and I have enjoyed our visits over the years. It's an amazing place. The collection is fantastic. The exhibitions, inspiring. The museum store has been a treasure trove. I've bought some beautiful pieces of ethnic jewelery there and received so many compliments.

The upside for the time being is that the museum store now has all items on sale for 30% off. Gifts, jewelery, beads and supplies. All proceeds go to the cost of closing the museum and taking care of it's treasures.

My last visit was just before the holidays. I finally took a picture of the clay bead sculpture that has been displayed in the foyer. My camera battery died the last time I tried to get a full shot.Also on display, "tree necklaces." Super sized clay beads strung on cable to hand in trees in your garden. These cylindrical beads were about 3" round and 7" long.My trees want one of these each! These beads are the size of baseballs. Love the rich, deep, cobalt blue. Just like I'm slowly working on my own bead sculptures for my garden, I might make some necklaces for my trees as they mature. Right now their beads necklaces would be the size of walnuts, lol.

If I could drive you to the museum myself, I would. Plan a visit and experience the Bead Museum before it's gone.


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