Friday, January 28, 2011

Give It Time

My emotions are all over the place. A couple of hours ago I was pretty close to being a complete mess. I left work immediately after school to get to the court house and find the papers needed to be filed before the upcoming hearing.

Got some forms and I had some questions about some of the rules mentioned in the Minute entry. Fill out form blah, blah, blah, pursuant to Arizona ABC, XYZ, 123...

I was given a big, thick book, "Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure." I read over the sections that related to the paper work I needed to submit. "Preliminary Protective Hearing," "Pre-hearing Conference," OK. Then I had to go back and read this one more than once. "Initial Termination (of Parental Rights)." WTF???

I left one day earlier than planned for California because of my cousin's funeral. The Ex petitioned the court because he missed 2 hours with the Chicklet which I immediately offered to make up and now we're talking about losing parental rights? Everyone at the courthouse was helpful with the forms but short of speaking to a lawyer no one would be willing or able to say, "yes, this is the one."

What I believed was going to be a type of mediation session is going to be a preliminary hearing before a judge. Whatever I submit will be taken into account when the judge determines his ruling. That's when I started to fall apart.

I have to remind myself to breath when I'm dealing with this BS but I walked out of there in fear and furious. In fear of the Ex playing games with our daughter and furious that he's so malicious. Trying to calm myself enough to be a human being when I picked up the Chicklet from school was not easy. I just kept breathing and reminded myself to stay calm even though I wanted to scream like crazy.

I'm OK now. I did consider a trip to the supermarket for some ice cream therapy. Canine therapy is working out for the time being.I'm not big on borrowing images of unknown people to use in my art work. How can I make art with love looking at people I don't know and love? The black and white image above was made a few weeks ago in a Journal Workshop with Dina Wakely. I love her classes! Things I never think to do, we try and the results are always eye openers. The renaissance lady is a keeper.

This "chula" is made using one of the Chicklet's school portraits.
My Chicklet.... Do not mess with me and my Chicklet.

In due time, (10 days or so), we'll be before the judge. They're smart enough to see through the BS...

Oh, and on a lighter note. I kept setting off the metal detector entering the court house. My pockets were empty, wasn't wearing a belt. It wasn't my jewelery. It was the underwire of my bra...



  1. Marissa,
    Thoughts are with you. Randy and I have had some dealings with trying to figure out court paperwork. We download from the computer but we hand carry it over to the courthouse to make sure it is filled in correctly. There has always been something that was not done correctly by us and we breathe a sigh of relief that we have gone to the court in person to file the papers. I am amazed, at times, how complicated what seems like a simple matter, is made. You are right to take deep breaths... Sorry for you, CeCe

  2. I'm so sorry that you are going through this... :( words are failing me now but sending a big hug.

    As far as using images of unknown folk, to each their own :) I use all sorts of images symbolically to represent me and various other aspects and elements of my life. My two cents.

    Keep us informed. I'll be thinking of you.

  3. Thank you for the support, ladies. All will be well. My frame of mind is very different today than it was yesterday. For the better!