Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ok, Ok!!!

Got a little hand slap about getting off my butt and posting on this blog again. My cranium is quite the abyss by the time I get home. But it's currently lunch time and I'm a tad more alert so here goes! So there, Nancie! ;-P

I woke up this morning, thoughts racing about doing this doing that, getting this done. Then I realized that I have a court date and I thought it was this coming Wed. Which meant some documents needed to be submitted by tomorrow.

Family court being the overwhelming maze and confusion that it is... Well, I have to go to the court house to talk to someone about which exact documents I need to fill out. Everything is available online but knowing which one is the right one is another story. Fill in the wrong paper or not get it in on time and you're screwed. Pardon the french but it is as it sounds.

Due to meetings and after school programs, Friday is the only day I could get to the court house after work. Nothing I can do before tomorrow other than to get to school this morning and start cleaning and organizing like crazy. That's what I do when I feel like my life is going crazy.............

I applied to participate in a local craft fair and I'm in! It's coming up on Feb. 12th. This whole court thing has got me frazzled so for a moment I thought about opting out of the fair.

That's exactly why I'm going to court. My Ex likes to get his jollies by disrupting my life. Not pursuing something I've really worked towards would do just that. So I'm sticking to my commitment.

As I organized, I gathered all the court papers and realized the court date is the 9th. Whew! Relief... a few more days to prepare. If you're wondering why I'm doing all the paper work, it's because I represent myself. Lawyer's fees are out of the question and if you know how to play the game, you keep things going forever to keep the meter going. After spending thousands of dollars and taking two years just to get divorced. No more lawyers fees, please.

The personal stress is temporary and I rarely have to say much in court. I show up, keep my mouth shut except to answer the judge, the Ex talks himself into a corner and the ruling usually works out in my favor. At least that's the established track record so far of the last 11 years.

Life is more fun when it's about art making...If you've gotten this far, here's a little "hello" from our lovely Freia... She's a rascal but she's a keeper! The Chicklet has been asking to go to the Phoenix Zoo to see the visiting koalas. We ventured there on MLK Day only to find signs saying that the parking lot was full. That meant two things to me-crowds and kids... We opted for the Desert Botanical Garden. I loved every part of this plant. (It reminds me that I need a haircut too!)I can't help but want a crown or haircut that looks like this! I won't, really, but it would be fun.This was my last longing look before the Chicklet gave me , "OK mom, let's go..."

On that note, it's time for me to go to.

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  1. See - now don't you feel better getting that blog post off your chest?!