Sunday, November 28, 2010


I took a class last weekend in Old Downtown Glendale. It's been awhile so I wandered over to the Bead Museum. Love that place. I never made it into the museum. My destination was the museum store.

Along with the beautiful and unusual beads, they sell so many items from all over the world. The bowls and vases made from recycled magazine pages were beautiful in color and form.I love the shape of the bowl to the right but the bright orange of the vase was eye catchingly, brilliant too.How about a beaded lizard?Or a purse? Is this a shameless plug? You bet! Anything to support a small, local museum. They also sell some very unique items that support local artists and artisans from all over the world. I got very excited at seeing this piece. It's a ceramic totem by artist, Janet Orr. I've seen her work in Phoenix Home and Garden magazine. To be honest, I don't know if I saw this before or after I began making the clay balls for my garden but what I've been working on is along the same line. These glazes are gorgeous! The shapes are simple and elegant. Umm mmm, yummy, yummy! The smallest of the clay beads are about the size of baseballs the big ones are like rocks, and best left to the professionals. I won't be trying out anything this big on my own.
These are "beads" not "balls" and The Chicklet is quite pleased with the change in vocabulary. She's at the age when I seem to embarrass her by the fact that I'm breathing. Can you imagine what it's like when I make an effort to bug her??? LOL

OK, back to the clay beads... I was about to take a full shot of the totem but the camera battery died. Geeeeeezzzz... I'll be going back soon because hanging on the walls were two beaded "tree necklaces." They were beautiful and hilarious at the same time. Big, fist size beads, strung on heavy wire. A photograph showed how they are hung from tree branches. So cool!

The city of Glendale is hosting Glendale Glitters, which goes on from now until after the holidays. The downtown area is decorated and lit up to the hilt with lots of events held during the weekends. The Bead Museum is in the middle of all the festivities and open. Go visit!


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