Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making Progress good thing I can say about smog is that we can get some beautiful sunsets. This was my view on my way from work this week. I need to leave work earlier!

What's changed? I'm not sure. Been plugging along. Doing my usual routine. Going to work brain washing children all day. Heading home, picking up the Chicklet from school. The daily mystery about what to eat for dinner. Homework, dinner, TV time, bedtime, my time. Friea and Maica getting dinner and some loving in there too.

A few weeks ago, I took a step I hadn't had the confidence to take before. I entered my work in a juried craft fair. As soon as I hit the send button, I had a list of regrets. I should have written this. I should have mentioned that. In an effort not to boast, I sold myself short. I'm not doing that anymore.

It took a week to hear back that I didn't get one of the available 40 spots. As soon as I received the news, I knew it had nothing to do with my work but rather that I have no experience as a vendor. The wheels have been turning in my head ever since.

I've contacted a few stores locally about selling my juicy books. I did get one response. That store takes a 50% commission. While it makes sense that local merchants have to make the rent, I don't see how my books can sell for a reasonable price while I can make something for them as well. Another store I contacted has told me they are swamped with holiday sales and getting in stock from their current artists and things should calm down after the holidays. I'll follow up then.

Two weeks ago I volunteered to help out at the first annual Craft Rave at Bragg's Pie Factory on Grand Avenue. Blog surfing pays off! I heard about it on the Crafty Chica blog. I intended to help out and stay for a couple of hours. I ended up staying for the whole thing! Not only was it a fun event but I met a lot of great folks and bumped into people I knew. I don't consider myself to be a social butterfly or good with small talk but I had a great time talking to everyone. Next year I plan on being one of the participating artists! a big Thank You to Kathy Cano-Murillo and Cyndi Coon for organizing this event and letting me volunteer.

I went with a plan in mind. Work, network, work, talk to other artists, work some more, gather information for getting my own artwork out there. There was plenty of all of that. I came away realizing that I need a name for my business. "Artologist" isn't available on Etsy but it's a name and idea I feel fits. After mulling over names for the last two weeks I was brainstorming last night with Kelli C. and she suggested adding something to "Artologist." Duh! Sometimes when you're too close to something a fresh perspective can nail it.

This morning I registered on Etsy as "StudioArtology." Not too far from "artologist" and it gives a nod to my art background. Nothing is listed yet but I'll make sure to give a yell when I do.

Business cards are next. Plenty of people have done this but all this is new to me. So much to figure out!



  1. Congrats on taking the big step! I wish you lots of success!

  2. congratulations to you on moving forward with selling your art, Marisa!

    From experience, I know that it's tough to put yourself out there through offering your art for sale, but it's so worth it when someone tells you a piece of art speaks to them... you will definitely be there soon!!