Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Going on...

Here I am! I must admit, my mojo has been off. I haven't had much to say. I haven't been out and about doing my usual stuff. Not sure why but no worries, everything is fine.

The Chicklet doesn't have to hear me moaning and groaning about my lost Desert Marigolds. we replanted 5 more plants in the spring. Two survived and are happily thriving. I pull in to our driveway and admire them daily. I've been pulling the dead heads and spreading the seeds. We might be swimming in Desert Marigolds next season.Ray, the Designer Man came by a few weeks ago. We had some trimming and tree repairs to take care of. One of the Mesquite trees in the backyard was leaning from being battered during a storm. It got quite a trim as did the Tipu tree in the front yard.

Most of the Ice plants that bloomed so beautifully in the spring have died. I have some irrigation lines to extend and repair. The Ice plants will be replaced.

We had a beautiful sunset a few days back. Using the silohuette of my plants and trees make the sunsets even more beautiful, in my eyes.
My Ocotillos are hanging in there but have yet to bloom. I'll have to spend more quality time with them, lol.

Can't believe it's already Friday again. Time goes by so quickly...

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  1. Your sunset picture is beautiful.
    My husband told me maybe this next year my goal would be to learn to take night pictures. I told him it might just be but a better goal would be just to know more about how to better use my camera in any circumstance --- Ahhhh --- so much to learn. And as you said, goes by so very quickly!!!