Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another One

I've started a new art journal. Have I finished any of the others I've started? Nope. I stopped to think about it and thought, who cares? Are there any rules about starting a journal? Only the ones I impose on myself. It's another one of those large, Nujabi paper journals made in India that Dina Wakley has used in her visual journaling classes. I love the cloth like hand of the paper. It's as close to working with fabric but it's paper.My journals have a tendency to go back and forth, between work and home. Then I get busy with one thing or another and the journal earns some mileage but doesn't see the light of day much. This journal is making it's permanent home at school. If I can manage to work on it 10-15 minutes a day, I'll be satisfied.

These blank pages were staring at me. They're huge! The open book is about 16"x22" but I liked the idea of working this big. Why not!?I didn't want to leave for home until I left some kind of mark on the first page. I grabbed a Sharpie and started to doodle. My 5th graders did a unit on Op Art a few years ago and I've been playing with lines and motion ever since. That was Wed.

Thursday I stamped and stenciled over the marks with gesso. Once the gesso dried I painted washes of watercolor over everything. I have no goal in mind other than to do what pops into my head or use what's on hand.

I was about to leave for home yesterday and went by the book realizing I hadn't done anything to it. I grabbed some gesso and painted over a couple of pages. The pages will develop over time. No pressure, just fun!
Another sloooooooooow development... Our first watermelon!!!
The Chicklet and I enjoyed our first slices of home grown watermelon earlier this week. It was quite juicy and sweet. At least another 6 are growing in the garden.

All I'm hearing lately is about prepping the garden for autumn. Yikes! My summer garden is still growing!!!

I've been waiting for it to cool down to spend more time working in the yard. It hasn't cooled down. If anything, we're having record highs BUT it's a dry heat. Really, it does make a difference. The sweat dries as soon as it appears on your skin, lol! The evenings have been cooling down. It's great!

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  1. Hey Marissa - Just wanted to pop in with a hello. Your journals look great -- and that watermellon. We have been feasting on home grown tomatoes up here and i had the happy thought as the season here comes to an end --- I can plant some in the valley !!!