Sunday, August 1, 2010

Museum Week Part 2

We visited the Phoenix Art Museum a few weeks ago with Girl Scouts. We planned on seeing an exhibition of Sumatran textiles and the fashion gallery to complete some of the activities for their Yarn and Fabric Arts Badge.

The Sumatran textiles received a lukewarm response from the girls but "In the Mood" was a hit. The exhibition of 40's fashions is up for two more weeks. Go check it out!The Chicklet was excited to see that a Cezanne exhibit was coming up. She made me promise to take her.So off we went. If you can see on the card, it says that there are 16 Cezannes and 84 artworks by American artists influenced by Cezanne.

The gallery was divided up into 4 areas based on the types of paintings Cezanne focused on. Portraits, landscapes, still lifes and bathers... I'd never realized he mainly focused on 4 areas. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition.

I recognized some of the American painters but don't remember having seen paintings by Man Ray, only his photographes... There were more than a few "aha" moments.

Of course, the Chicklet and friend were in and out of the gallery in 15 minutes, or less! They opted for a visit to Kusama's Fireflies installation. I wandered and let my head swim in the pool of Cezannes...I finished with the Cezannes and waited for the girls to return. They didn't so I sat down and waited for them. In the span of 5 minutes, I spotted a co-worker and an old flame walk by. You never know what or who you'll see... While I continued to wait I admired Julio Larraz's "White Dwarf."

I love how painting something white, isn't only white. Try teaching that to kids, they don't see "color" in white because they've learned to train their brains which tell them that white is well, white...

I'm not sure if I knew it myself until I spent a few winters surrounded by snow in Norway. The prettiest days were the clear, sunny days with the shadows of trees on the multiple feet of snow.From thoughts of Norway to summer storms in the desert. "Desert Rain God" by Louisa McElwain captures the energy of a rain storm. "Weather" makes driving in the desert more interesting. Any deviation from blinding sun makes the desert more interesting!It probably took something like desert temperatures to dry these layers upon layers of paint. It's swirled and piled like frosting. It's a tactile delight but no touching allowed!The girls emerged...but only until I went upstairs to get them! The Chicklet had another mission to accomplish during this visit to the museum.To find Mr. Magnet a girlfriend. Mission Accomplished!Time to go...

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