Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mi Melon de Corazon!

I finally found the elusive shot of the melon. Maica is so embarrassed. "You're not going to blog about your melon, mom?" The dog that sleeps like this... is embarrassed by a cantaloupe? Geeeeeezzzzz...
Here's the melon. It was a tad bigger than a baseball when I took this shot last week. The melon vines have spread beyond the 3' high planter and are beginning to spill over onto the ground. I thought about pruning them back. I've decided to let them grow wild for now. They aren't bothering anything. Let's see what happens...Bright, red and brilliant, huh? Nice to see as some of the plants are getting dull as their energy goes into surviving the relentless heat. I realized my time outdoors is limited to getting from the door to the car and vice versa. It isn't much by most standards but the humidity we do have sucks the energy right out of me. It's just "Yucky."I wonder if it's cooler putting the head under the bed. That's what Maica's doing this very minute. Either that or she realized I'm sharing my melon...


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  1. ROFLOL!!! I love the shots of the dog!! That is hilarious!