Saturday, July 24, 2010

Museum Momemts

The computer is being a #$!@X%^!!! again. I uploaded some photos from our excursion in Mesa yesterday. The pictures will not show up on the browser to upload to the blog. The last time it did this, the pics showed up on the browser a few days later, huh? Dumb...but if I know the pics will show in a day or two, I'm not going to freak. It's annoying, though...Two weeks ago we gathered a few of the Girl Scouts to go to the Heard Museum. We've been very fortunate to attend some Girl Scout badge workshops there so the girls are familiar with the museum. Or so we thought! Somehow we'd never made it to the lower level.The Heard has free children's activities and admission fees each Saturday in July. We started out with a scavenger hunt.We were all over the museum which is how we ended up in the lower level. It had a Northwest Coast/Arctic theme. Long houses, button blankets and Inuit felt applique.I'm a museum freak. Years of textiles and art history classes have filled my brain with stories of art and cultures. Passport, please. I'd love to travel the world...In lieu of packing my bags, we have some local culture. The Heard sponsored the Mariposa Dancers. The Shawl Dance...The hoop dancers were amazing. Amazing is only a beginning. It's a visual treat that we'd never seen before. Wow!On our way out... Perfect dancing shoes!Which ones would you wear? Which do you think I would wear?

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