Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Pictures that wouldn't show up last week are right there today. Computers.... UGH!

Ok, got some new pics to share. I was working on my aprons for the scrapbooking retreat I went to this weekend. In the past, our group had made t-shirts this year we went with aprons. We get together regularly on Thursdays to crop. I haven't worked on a scrapbook page in years but I bring along whatever current project I'm working on.I was checking out at the scrapbook store and saw a little cutie like this. A pin cushion/scrap sack. I was smitten. Turns out it was a class so I signed up on the spot. The red/black/white one was completed by the end of the class. It was complicated and my sewing machine was on the fritz. Not a good combo...One was not enough. I'll use one at home, one in the studio and one at school. This one went to a friend. She and I chose similar fabrics from the same line for our aprons so we shared.Here's my second one. Another four were completed over the weekend with an additional four started. When I bought supplies for the class, I bought the smallest amount of filler for the cushion but it was enough for a dozen pin cushions. Might as well use it up.

These make great gifts. Too bad none of my close friends or family members sew.Next project. A card swap. The hostess for this round is having us use some pieces of white, satin
fabric. It's adhesive backed. I used the above pieces to make some goofy cards for the Chicklet while she was away at camp.

I had two ideas for what to do with these fabric pieces. I ran some through my embossing folders. Haven't done much else to them yet.This is what I was looking forward to. Spray paint and stencils. I kept it simple and used only three "stencils." A lazer cut piece of scrapbook paper, an aluminum broiler pan and a piece of a broken, plastic tote.My first run. I bore easily. The top row and the pieces to the left, boring...Perhaps more layers would work... Getting better.Things were getting messier. The paint on the stencils wasn't drying. What do I usually do with extra paint? Slap it, right back on. Me likey!Much, much better. That is if you like a textured, grungy look. That I do! Haven't decide the next step with these either. It's best not to over think it. It will involve the sewing machine.

Ah yes, the sewing thing. The bug has really come on hard. Sewing takes me back to my roots. It's what my grandmother did, and what my mom and aunt did after her. When I sew it's like an homage to them and a continuation of a tradition. It feels like so many traditions have been lost. It feels good to have one to hold onto.


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  1. Nice job girl!! So good to spend time with you last weekend!