Thursday, June 24, 2010

I had a Plan

I took pictures of my aprons so I could share them with you. I had a long list of things to take care of in my classroom today and I must have left the camera on the table after taking pics of the aprons. Rats! I managed to remember everything else...

Oh well.

I mentioned last week that I set up a little work space in my carport for clay work and potting plants. We have a nice covered patio off my studio in the back. The dogs have the run of the patio so anything I leave lying around becomes a possible dog toy.
I bought some outdoor fabric and a piece of vinyl to cover up this old computer desk. It's at a perfect height on top of some bricks so I can work standing and I can hose down the carport without concerns. I went to the nursery looking for a white plumeria to replace one that died. Found a very tall one! Fell for this quirky looking agave too. Those frilly little things on the leaf edges are the seeds!Are you into wildlife? You might like these cookie cutters that I found at Ikea. The cooking section has great art supplies.This set was the first one I played with.The possibilities are endless but this is as far as I've gotten.
One of the art teachers has students roll slabs of clay, laying lace over the clay to create a texture. The slabs are then draped over bowls, dried, fired and glazed. They're quite beautiful finished but I've never tried it for myself. Until now.I got bored with making textured clay balls. Then it seemed like I'd have to make a ton for the garden sculptures to cover the metal rods i've been sliding the balls onto.The solution? Tubes! The clay tubes will cover a good portion of the metal rod. So now the sculptures have gone from beads and balls to beads, balls, tubes, disks, bowls and ornaments hanging from the bowls. I see it clearly in my head. Got to get the glazing done, though. That's my big plan for next week.

The taco fish next to the rods... Leftover examples from our 2nd grade clay projects. I made a little notch in the back to place markers for the veggie garden. Turns out the plants have grown so much the first clay fish we put in there are now hidden.

With a school of 8 or 9 clay fish, we'll come up with a fun way of placing them in the garden.