Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home Grown

I came home last week and found this lovely cucumber hiding under the leaves in the garden. Did we grow that????! I've confessed my lack of experience but a friend who's been growing a garden for years told me I needed to pick it so I did. I went straight into the kitchen, cut it and ate a slice. Not too bad but maybe I picked it a wee too soon.

The crazy thing is, how did it manage to grow and we never saw it? We took a good look and it was the only cucumber growing. A rogue cucumber... Cool!

The garden is coming along. We have 3 eggplants, squash and more cucumbers growing. The melon vines are spreading like crazy but no sign of any melons yet. I was reading in a magazine that squash blossoms are edible. I'm tempted to try one in a salad.It's been awhile since I've shown pic of the "hairy ones." Here's Maica! She seems to need some coaxing to get in the baby pool. I came home to find the patio all wet today. Then I got a good look at Freia. Wet dog!The Gal Pals and I are going on a scrapbooking retreat this summer. The last few years we've gone, we've made t-shirts for our group. This year we're making aprons.

I love aprons! I put one on the minute I get to work. My mom used to buy aprons from a lady who made them and then my mom would let me choose which I wanted. I've been wearing those aprons for years. I can't help but think of my mom when I put them on but they're getting a bit frayed in places. It's time for new ones.

Between the retreat and wearing out my aprons, it was time to pick fabric and the pattern for new ones. The Gal Pals had selected black, white and an accent color for our group aprons. The fabric selection was amazing! Some of the ladies had their aprons finished so I had the benefit of a sneak peek before I made my choices.Choice Number one. I love black/white/red! Plus the retro flowers and off kilter circles got me drooling.Choice two. Elephants! AND my favorite greens... AND the funky dotted balck and white fabric!
Choice three. I am so not a fan of purple. (Guess what color my blouse was that day)? I'm also not drawn to Asian inspired motifs, too delicate for me most of the time, but... I loved these fabrics together.

In the end I chose all three. It was too tough a decsion to make especially with an arm full of stained and fraying aprons at work. I started my aprons over the weekend. It's been awhile since I've sewn more than hems, Girl Scouts patches and paper.

I finished one yesterday and the other two today. They are so much fun! I worked on them at school and I'd go into the office and model each new apron for our secretary, Elaine. Sure was a nice way to take a break from work.

If you see some lady running around town in a funky, frilly, colorful apron...that'd be me!

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  1. Can't wait to see your new aprons!!
    Every now and again, I wear a vintage apron out. I look at it as a great accessory. Fun--