Monday, June 14, 2010

Green Stuff

Spring time came with a lot of anticipation. It's been our first growing season in the new raised planter in the back yard. It took forever for me to take the plunge and plant vegetables. I was afraid I'd kill everything.

We have two types of watermelons growing in the foreground here. Some cantaloupes too. Whatever I found in the nurseries, I brought home and planted. Except for hot peppers. I don't do spicy so there was no point to take up real estate on something we didn't plan on consuming.I didn't take a good look at the tag this afternoon so I'm not sure if this is squash blossoms or a cucumber plant. I did find a 6" cucumber well hidden under the leaves today!I've seen the blooms but I'm wondering where the food is. I discovered an eggplant beginning to emerge. I grew up with fruit trees in our garden. We never bought lemons because all we had to do was go outside and pick them off the tree. To this day, I find it irritating to have to pay for lemons... We always had fresh mint to make albondigas. My dad was quite popular for his red guavas.

Growing veggies is completely new so it's a whole new world. I can't wait for our veggies to mature.


  1. Alright, I am amazed. I have always planted veggies, in the valley, much earlier, due to the heat. Of course, the ones you are growing are not what I have planted. I have had mainly tomatoes and squash. Yours are looking fabulous.
    Thanks for your sweet comment.

  2. I do have Roma tomatoes and some squash growing.I brought home what was already growing at Home Depot and Whitfells and Wal-Mart. I might have planted late but I had to give it a go. The planter cost a pretty penny and I hadn't done anything with it yet.
    My heart is with you, CeCe. You are remarkable.