Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Apron Fashionista!

I walked into my classroom on Monday and there is was. The wayward camera. I had truly missed some good picture taking opportunities this weekend. Girls Scouts at the Phoenix Art Museum. Dyeing t-shirts and teaching the girls to weave... Miss Anna had her camera charged and at the ready like a good Girl Scout!An opportunity missed was the new experience of sending Miss Chicklet off to sleep away camp for the very first time. She did a great job getting packed up but we were still running around Sat. evening getting the last few things she needed.She was able to take another camera to camp. I did take a picture of the Chicklet on the bus but she promptly deleted it... Yep, good to have my little, interim camera in hand.I called Sony on Monday to find out about repairing my SLR. They could tell me it's the lens, not the camera that needs to be repaired. They quoted the cost of the repair and the cost of a new lens. Sounds like it was a good idea not to go on vacation this week...

Are you sort of getting the idea that I'm teasing you with images of frilly fabric? Well of course I have been!
Apron #1-The purples.Apron #2- the greens and teal with the beloved elephants. The elephants was the clincher.Apron #3- Red/Black/White with polka dots. My original color palette of choice. I will love these colors together for life.Apron sewing got me re-acquainted with an old friend. Really old but steady, friend. My inherited overlock machine. I uncovered it, sweet talked it and put it to work to finish the edges on all the ruffles. I could have dug out the proper foot for hemming the edges but this was a perfect excuse to go out to the garage and fire this one up.
So you'd think I was done with aprons. Well no, not really. Like all smart people, you see something you like and you ask if you can have one. That's exactly what the Chicklet did. She's getting flamingos and peace signs with a little bit of green thrown in.Then I fell in love with this green paisley inspired print.
...and we have the blues... the colors don't read well here but the fabric to the right has some minty/turquoise blue to it.

Plus there's another two more sets of fabric I've put together for two more aprons. I'm going to use two more different styles. I'm getting ruffled out!

The timing is perfect. I've been sitting at the mechanics getting some parts replaced. Unfortunately, one of the parts Honda sent was the wrong one. I'll be back next week. In the meantime, been able to sit here and update the blog but it's time to get going.



  1. CUTE!!! I love red, white and black together too. Always have. :) Great job!!!!

  2. LOVE the purple one!!!

  3. Oh so adorable aprons, M. Fun ! I need to get busy on my burlap shower curtain but somehow just doesn't compare with the prints on these aprons. Smile.