Wednesday, May 26, 2010


That would be me. The sun has gone down but the creep neighbor next door is mowing his lawn. Even the lawn mower needs muffler... I guess I should be grateful that he's doing something to his eye sore of a property but before that, he had music blaring and before that he drove up with his louder than loud motorcycle. Why can't he do that when I'm NOT home?????

If you've been checking the blog and keep wondering why I haven't updated... We hit a major glitch when this laptop was getting re-imaged/updated/etc. I was told the pictures on my iphoto wouldn't be an issue. Then it came to be that my photos have been a huge issue. They've been moved elsewhere for the time being. Somewhere that I can't access them and there's no room to upload more for the time being. We'll get it worked out but it's been going one for about 10 days and I'd like to get it done and move on.

The school year ends in about 10 days and I feel the same way about work. Let's just get it done and move on. This week has been wearing me down. You think you're following directions and doing things right only to find out it's wrong or doesn't work anyway. Been that way since Monday.

The kiln didn't fire the kids' clay projects correctly and everything had to be re-fired. Grades were expected to be handed in on Monday morning although we were told they were due tomorrow morning. I thought I started teaching in 1995. Turns out it was 1996. I have still have double digits before I can retire... Get the walker ready!

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