Saturday, February 6, 2010

We Thunk...and then some

Today was Girl Scouts Thinking Day. There was booth after booth representing countries from all over the world.

Our first stop was Nepal. The food was home made and spicier than the girls expected. The henna painting was a hit but we weren't able to get it done. The line was looooooooooong.It was cool to see some of the women in native dress. From there we moved on from country to country. The booths might have been set up according to region. We visited a lot of middle eastern booths and ate a lot of hummus and pita chips!SRP and the Arizona Diamondbacks had mascots walking around. We missed the SRP lightbulb but we met up with Baxter.Ok, call me dense but can someone please explain to me why a bobcat/big cat is the mascot for a team named after a rattle snake? The Chicklet says it's because a snake would be too scary. True but a bobcat?????? Here kitty, kitty...Speaking of the Diamondbacks, we got free hats. Score!

I had a bit of a dilema earlier. To join the girls tomorrow or go to my workshop. We have a visiting artists. No refund if I bail. Guess that settled it. It happens to be raining right now. Will the Girl Scouts event be canceled?

See this lovely smile on the Chicklet? We had an orthodontic "event" Friday evening. Something broke and there was a small rod sticking out of the Chicklet's mouth. I say she had the looks of a catfish. It wasn't something we could wait to fix until Monday.

The orthodontist has an office in Central Phoenix and another on the west end of the far reaches of the outskirts of Phoenix. Get my drift? It was a drive. It took about 40 minutes during rush hour to get to Litchfield Park. Once there, we were in and out in 10 minutes. The kid broke a spring... Well geez, had to make something of the trek. We had dinner at In n' Out Burger. Mmmmmmm.

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