Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tape Addicts Unite!

Once upon a time, at a store called Frenzy Stamper, Kelly Kilmer came to visit. Word got around that she was bringing her bags full of treasures. Yesterday, the tape addicts and those not quite sure what they were getting into, gathered....

We've played with tape before. Here's what we made long ago...the Taped Journal:We painted, we used tape, we added collage.
I crinkled and painted on decorative tape. We stamped.
I taped and overlapped more tape.
Oh hey, look what happens when the taped underneath shows through. We started to make some discoveries.

Fast forward to yesterday. New exercises with tape. Wide tape, narrow tape. Clear tapes, masking tape. Duct tape, colored tape. Decorative tape and more tape. Yummy!First lay out of the day. I took my already worked on Taped Journal to work on. Many of the pages already had layers of painted color.Second layout. My focal image was a tad short to reach the bottom of the page. Tape to the rescue!Then the focal image looked more like the painted background that I had been trying to coordinate with. After hunting through the stash, out came the naked lady. Oh, excuse me, the nude lady. (Yes, there is a difference).

There's a few more women in the book so there's a theme developing. Hmmmm, interesting.
Ok, if I'm developing a theme, I took a left turn here. Another workshop mate, G, really liked my "teal and black" page. I really like her "orange and green" page. I was really working with greens and browns but this golden yellow transparency begged to go on this page. The birds did too.I realized I was working monochromatically. I could have changed my direction or gone with it. I went with it. I love color! I love layering and bringing out the subtlety within a color family.

I looked down and saw the cover with these purple flowers. Whoo hoo, I found my focal image. At the same time, Kelly was doing a demonstration that gave me the idea of how to attach this image. I sort of, fell for my collage, and didn't want to obliterate it.The flowers flip open to the right. Those colorful sheep are cute but I'll end up covering them with other paper to perhaps, journal on.

This was about time, I started to run out of steam. Or I sat down and then I started to feel tired. It was time to walk around the store and check out all the goodies. Oh, so many goodies.... There's a before picture of this page somewhere. It already had been layered with paint, tape and collage. Unsuccessfully, I might add. Yep, both G and I looked at it and agreed, "UGLY!" Actually, it wasn't so much ugly as it was too busy, even for me. That's saying something... First came the tissue paper and then came the tape. Or was it the other way around? There's a bit of the original collage still peaking through. The day pretty much came to an end here. My journal is getting heavy.

I'm weighing my options for tomorrow. I've been signed up for Kelly's Spirit Journal class for monthes. Turns out the Chicklet's Girl Scout event was rescheduled for tomorrow as well. I was really looking forward to participating. What to do? What to do?

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