Sunday, January 31, 2010

What is it about certain artists...

that draws you in?

I was drawn to Fausto Fernandez's work the first time I saw it at the Heard Museum some time back. I've been following his work ever since. Pool Boy and I went to an exhibition of altered skateboards on Roosevelt Row during the summer. I recognized this one right off the bat.There was an art fest on Grand Ave. over the summer as well. I finally made the trek to find his studio. There were a lot of open studios, a lot of art to see. The art at Lodge Studios was by far the best.Fausto was super cool and friendly. We posed for this pic in front of one of his paintings. His finished work was great to look at but I was just as intrigued by his work in progress. I could see the beginning of the layering. I love his layering. I love the materials he uses. Maps, blue prints, sewing patterns... Sound familiar? He mentioned he was working on a large scale public art installation. In the meantime, we got to see this installation this last month.I'm more familiar with his materials than his iconography. This installation really broke those down to the minimum. The art was brought to it's bare bones in a way. A whole new perspective.To think that the Chicklet and I are out near the canal in Scottsdale all the time. I never noticed the 5th Avenue Bridge. We made our way over to see the installation in progress.
I went back a few days later once all the pieces were in place.
I love it when art changes your everyday view.The first step of the installation was the corralling of the fish and the draining of the canal. I missed that part. The pieces were to float on the water once the canal was filled again.I was planning on getting to see the whole thing but then we got those strong storms and the installation came down before I could get back to Scottsdale in time to see it. Bummer!
Laid out like this, I could better recognize some of the symbols seen in his paintings. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.


  1. I love visiting art through you, Marissa!

  2. cool! I saw a couple of his pieces in the Heard, too, and liked it a lot-- thanks for showing more of it!