Monday, January 11, 2010

I Search of.....

My routine!

Wow! On my way to school today I received a phone call that there had been an incident at our school. All staff and students were to report to another area in the neighboring school building. We're really off our usual routine and schedule but the staff is on top of everything, our kids are doing a great job.

We've been moved to rooms in a adjacent campus and buildings. Lucky for our site, we are somewhat of a compound with 3 schools and various departments concentrated in one block.

One of the things our staff is good at is that when the chips are down, we work well together, helping out one another, keeping an eye on the kids, etc. We're all out of our norm but all is flowing smoothly.

My beloved, loooooooooooong Monday prep is history! I had plans! Lots of plans. Oh boy, am I screwed..... Wanted to put some finishing touches on two swaps and get them in the mail. Will have to find some other form of delivery to get them in on time. Procrastination is coming to bite me in the rear. Ay! Ay! Ay!

Going to have to wait another day to find out if I left my planner in the classroom. It's AWOL.

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  1. Alright, you did not tell us what the incident was. More please! Hate the loss of your long Monday prep. I would probably have to take an anxiety pill if it were me and I lost that in the shuffle. Hang in there. Also, keep us posted about the up in the air item from the last post!