Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Underway

Did 2009 end badly or did 2010 start off on the wrong foot? I stuck my foot in some deep doo doo with RV Guy. I was out of line and I hurt him. To make matters worse, I froze with fear when we tried to figure out my motivations. It wasn't pretty.

I had to take a good look at myself and realize that I have issues and I need some help. I contemplated returning to therapy. I have a great therapist but it didn't fell like the right option. A support group was mentioned and I did some looking into it. I've attended some meetings this week. I'm not broken but I do need to need to face some things about myself and develop new skills. So I'm embarking on this new journey.

And RV Guy? The jury is still out on that one. We're working on it. Things may work out or not but whatever happens, everything will be fine.


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  1. Good for you, Marissa--And thanks for sharing about your issues and your willingness to work on them. Smile---