Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My bags are packed...

away in the closet and they're not coming out for awhile. One week and 2 round trips to California were enough for me.It's usually a 4 hour drive. Not long but not interesting either. I've figured out how far I can drive before I lose two of my favorite radio stations. Then it's time to play my favorite cd's.When I drive on my own, I can play whatever music my heart desires. This time I pulled out a Chicago CD. Love classic Chicago. I found myself skipping any of their more recent music. It was too sappy, slow and full of synthesizers for my taste. Give me the horns with gusto.
The drive through the desert can be mind numbingly boring. I prefer to make the drive early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The light casts shadows. The predictable colors of the desert disappear.The shadows in shades of blue and purples. The mountains bathed in pinks and oranges...The sunset was a show of color. I wanted to be enveloped by the orange/pink glow. It's like chasing rainbows. You follow it and think you'll come to it as you round the corner and then it's equally distant. It's never really within your grasp. It was a beautiful show, though.



  1. It is a mind numbing drive that we have made hundreds of times! Making it alone is even worse. But your pictures are awsome!

  2. Alone isn't bad with good tunes. I think you and i saw the same sunset. was your unexpected, treasure hunting stop in Quartzsite?

  3. How I would love to have my mind nummed by that view and those colours! Fantastisk :)

    Bizes Sirilou