Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Week Goes On

The week has continued to be somewhat crazy. I had two swaps due today. I had them pretty well planned out. I had some finishing touches to take care of on Monday in my classroom. Then I was going to mail them out after school. That was all good and well but then we had that incident at school that falls under the category of "act of god." You couldn't come up with a story like this unless it really happened.
Turns out one of the teachers that arrives at school early arrived to find an unconscious man laying in the school hallway. Ceiling tiles were demolished all over the school building and our lead custodian was in another part of the building cleaning up fallen tile pieces in another hallway. Our custodian was already on the phone with our principal. Once they found out about the injured man, 911 was called and everyone got out of the building.

The thief/injured man had fallen while moving around the building between the ceiling and roof. He entered through a vent in the roof and ended up in a classroom. He seemed to have rifled through the room but the only thing the teacher found missing was a tub of Tootsie Roll Pops. The detective confirmed they found the candy with the stash of copper the thief had stolen. He also broke into a water vending machine. What a turd, stealing from kids.....

He might have been laying in the hallway, injured since Sat. His injuries were life threatening but we haven't heard any more news of his status. He was known to the police so it wasn't like this guy took a walk and wandered into our building....
There were police cars and media all over the front of the school when I arrived. All the staff and 650+ students were moved into the gym of the Middle school adjoining us. As the morning progressed and the administrators were making plans for the rest of the day, attendance was taken, the kids were fed. The little ones watched some videos while the older kids hung out in the bleachers. Everything was calm and orderly.

Later on all our students were dispersed to different areas of the Middle school, 6th Grade Center and District Training facility. The footage That the news showed of the students being "rushed from the school buildings," was actually the kinders being led to the training facility and then back out and around the buildings to get lunch at the middle school cafeteria. Although our school building was closed off because it was a crime scene, the kids were able to enjoy lunch recess out on the playground.

After the lunch break the kids went back to their assigned areas. The district had provided paper, crayons, pencils, and markers to all the teachers. Adminstrators went by room to place to check on everyone. Those of us that weren't directly responsible for a class were assigned to assist grade levels. We relieved teachers, guided students through lunch, recess, boarding the busses at the end of the day.

Given the circumstances, the kids could have gone hog wild and they were fantastic. The Staff came together, filling in gaps where needed. Offering support, chipping in, you name it.

Once the kids were on their way home the staff gathered in the middle school library and had a little bit of a debriefing. We did good. Our principal was out sick. She was really sick. Our VP, new to our school this year, took over the reigns and he didn't skip a beat.

Maybe to the outside world, it seemed like pure chaos but to us we just did what we had to do. It was pretty cool to see just how well everything that we have all worked so hard to achieve as a staff and community functioned exactly as it should under pressure.

Other than our VP, district staff and our custodial staff, no one was allowed in the building. We were sent home. If we hadn't, I know a bunch of teachers would have stayed to work on their lessons, etc. The copy machines would have been humming...The student artwork for my display in the district board room was left sitting for another day. That "day" being yesterday and today after teaching the after school program.Here's how it looked for tonight's board meeting.After making my way home to pick up the Chicklet, it was back to the real world of Girl Scout meeting and activities.

Once she got off to bed, I still had to figure out what to do with my swaps. The tools and some of the materials I'd planned on using were back at school. It was time to wing it and that I did. The midnight oil was burning in the studio on Monday. TV programs stunk but the work flowed and time went by without notice.My bird chunky page and Valentine's rolodex swaps. They arrived, they've been divied up...

Yesterday at school was pretty normal. Had you not known what had gone on the day before, you wouldn't have had any idea. That's fine with me. It was good to be back to our routine. It's still been bonkers. My 3rd Quarter schedule has begun and I'm back to teaching Kinder, 3rd and 5th graders.
Leaving the district office yesterday, I looked west and was wowed by the sunset. I pulled off and managed a couple of shots. I wish I'd been west bound, facing the change of colors. I was in a pink glow.

I'm relieved but there's still one more thing to get behind me this week. The RV Guy thing. We haven't seen one another for weeks although we're still talking. Not nearly as much as we used to. That can mean a multitude of things and I don't care for being in limbo. It's got to come to some resolution whatever that comes to be. Soon, very soon...


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  1. Very informative and interesting post, Marissa. Enjoyed reading about the whole incident. Had been wondering what was up. Your projects don't seem to have suffered at all by not having your classroom supplies. Good job! Keep us posted on the guy thing!