Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making My Day

Been under the weather this week. I've had a cold that was uncomfortable but not bad enough to keep me home. I could work even though I was croaking or squawking when I opened my mouth. For two days straight I had no desire to open my mouth. The thought of talking made me miserable. The one thing I wanted to do yesterday was come home and go straight to bed. I arrived home, pulled into the driveway and glanced over at the orange bells. I saw a hummingbird feeding off the nectar from the flowers. Our first hummingbird sighting in our garden! There was no time to grab the camera. Frankly, I didn't try, I stood there enjoying the sight until the bird flew away. It made my day...
Today's been 100% better. Luckily, I have these pics from the last monthes to share. Put the two of them together and you'll get an idea of what I saw.


  1. Amazing what the simplest thing can do for our spirit, huh?!

  2. Good for you Marissa! Feel better and stay in touch.

  3. Simply magical!

    The clocest we get is "humle" :)

    God bedring Marissa!!

    Klem Sirilou