Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Around and About

Sometimes my powers of observation fail me. Good thing I've trained the Chicklet. "Mom, the Palo Verde is blooming." It sure is! It was the one 24" tree planted among the other 15 gallon trees. It's growing and thriving. I feel like a proud Mama. I'm just plain happy everytime I come home and have my garden to enjoy.Lantana is now loved, not maligned...Same could be said for my cooking. The Chicklet helped me with forming the meatballs for a big pot of albondigas. Mmmmmmmm, it was unanimous, they came out yummy. Been a long time since I've made some. Thursday is getting to be home cooking night. Tonight RV Guy is coming over and making us dinner.
This was my Friday last week. I have a short walk to my car and I often enjoy the blue sky, the clouds and especially a good sunset. there's a big empty field on the drive home. I kicked up a little dust as I stopped to capture the colors in the sky. I love to end my work day this way....
I'd been looking forward to this event for a month or two. I expected to have the company of the Chicklet but she had a sleepover with a friend and I had the morning to myself.
All of a sudden Autumn arrived last weekend after another week of high temperatures. I was able to wear pants and long sleeves. It was partly cloudy on Sat. but the sun came out enough, casting shadows.Spanish market at the Heard Museum. This is my second time to go to it. There was lots of fun, vibrant, art to look at. I missed last year but it was easy to find my way around. From what I could tell, there were the same artists in the exact same places as two year ago. Not sure if that was a good or bad thing. It did make finding artists easier. I made a beeline to find the work of this artist. Hey, I have some of those jarritos! The same little ceramic dishes from when I was a kid. Pack rats. We're a treasure and a disaster.Jorge Eagar.... I love his shrines/assemblages. I almost took a workshop with him but my schedule didn't mesh. He's going to offer workshops again starting January, he said. I'll be first in line! he had so many cool ones and he was fine with me taking pics. All the artist were really cool about that. Love the layers, the color, the imagery. He does it well... I can't wait to learn from him.
Here's my attempt at layers and glitter. These are my Rolodex cards for this months' swap with the theme of "Bling." I'm not a blingy gal but I own plenty of different colors of glitter glues, Stickles, etc. As always, I look to see what's on the table that I can throw into a project. Not too many recycled materials here but the red and purple flowers are made from Hershey's Kisses' wrappers.
Meanwhile, back at the Spanish Market..."Flowering Exocticas Alum Cactitus" what a crack up. Love the way the artist, Jose A. Benevides, describes himself, his card business read, "Artist/Engineer."Alright, now I have to try this! Weaving with strips of aluminum cans. Did you catch the use of the hubcap for the base?Another Benevides piece. This one has to be seen in person. It's a larger than life Madonna on a car chassis. At one time, it did raise to the vertical position but now it's exhibited prone only. The piece is covered with overlapping license plates. This sculpture was at the Mesa Arts Center during the low rider exhibition earlier this year. Pictures/touching/getting too close, weren't allowed. Different story here.I took a few shots in this area. My two home states, California where I grew up and Arizona where I'm growing....Another found object art piece. These are my favorite kind of pieces. Corn kernels outline the door shapes. Discarded jewelery, wooden clothes pins... Food for this junk lover's soul.I stopped to admire these vines on the wall on my way out. Organic lines, dots....OK, I'm sucked in! Pictures are a must!
Parking was jam packed from the start of the event. I was parked on the street and encountered a few feathered friends...


  1. What a fun post. Enjoyed seeing all the pictures--must admit my favorite was the pot of soup. Hope you took a picture of RV guy's dinner. I am sure just having someone else cook would make it taste yummy. Smile.

  2. You just make my day!! Lovely post and pictures :) Please send me some recipes of your delicious cooking, I still recall you making the corn "lefse" :D