Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Great Way to Wake Up

There was some discussion about removing the awnings over the windows when we did the big garden renovation. It wasn't on my list for two reasons. First, it would take awhile before the trees matured enough to provide enough shade. Second and my main reason to keep them was that I like to hear the sound of rain when we're lucky enough to get a storm. The monsoon was awful this year with less than a handful of storms coming through.

We were lucky this morning. I woke up to the sound of rain. Instead of laying in bed and eeking out a few more minutes of sleep, I jumped out of bed, opened the curtains and my bedroom window. the smell of rain....Looked out to the east and saw some storm clouds as they were clearing. I have to find a good vantage point to photograph Squaw Peak from our yard. Oh yeah, I guess I can stand on the wall just like Chimi.Have you been introduced? This is "Chimi." Short for "Chimichanga." (The Chicklet is getting pretty good at naming our little creatures...) Chimi is one butt, ugly, ceramic sculpture that once made his home at our Tia Mary's house. We couldn't bear to sell him off at a yard sale or give him up to Goodwill so we had to wait until the yard was done to throw him out there. If he were real he'd be ferocious enough to chase away the cats that treat our yard like their litter box...There's been some hits and some misses in the yard. Mostly hits and this is one of them. Our Popcorn plant is in full bloom. The blooms are pretty but the plant is fun. Rub the leaves and your hand smells like buttered popcorn!

It's a relief to blog again. My Internet is up and running at home after I played around with the wires for awhile on my own the other night. After putting the Chicklet to bed last night I thought I'd go online and get caught up. The laptop made to the bedroom but then I remembered I'd promised the Chicklet I'd go through my Nat'l Geographics and find some articles on Africa for her Social Studies project. It's hard to thumb through NG and not get lost in the pictures and articles... She went to school with a 1/2 dozen magazines. 'Sure hope thy helped.

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