Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arizona Journal at Frenzy Stamper

I taught my first class at Frenzy Stamper almost 2 weeks ago. We had a blast! It was a small group but we managed to take over 4 work tables with our books and supplies. Everyone was able to complete one book and second books were well under way before we packed up. I have pics to share but for now I want to plug my next class.

We'll be making an Arizona Journal on Sat. October 24th. That's 2 weeks from this Sat., right?I've shared this altered composition book on the blog before. I just love this book. I worked on it for a year and add in a little here and there as I come across things that fit.

We'll start by gutting a composition book and using distressed and inked aluminum plumber's tape for the cover. Hardware store samples and alphabet brads will be used for the label. We'll bind our own colorful papers in with a pamphlet stitch. I'll be sticking to a desert inspired palette of browns, rusts and greens....Time willing, we'll work on completing 2 pages. A woven page using colorful magazine pages. (Arizona Highways, here I come)!Then we'll finish off with a little coin envelope magic. This looks so complicated but is quite easy and it looks soooo cool! I'm already digging around in the studio getting the kits together. Join me!
Call Debbie to sign up!


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  1. Congrats on your class! Also your finished paint job on your house!
    Talk soon,