Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Days like today are the reason why Phoenicians put up with Arizona Summers. What a gorgeous day to wake up to. Yep, and this is the face I wake up to.Yes, this one....
Or maybe this one....
Or this one....
We're getting closer...Here she is!
I thought after being up so late last night I wouldn't wake up to catch my morning shows but I did. Caught the last part of CBS Sunday then enjoyed listening to these guys banter. Don't ask me why but I enjoy watching then NFL show on Sunday mornings even though I don't follow sports.Took the Girls outside for fresh air and breakfast. Maica looks good out there.
The lantana is thriving. This one is right off the patio and has gotten a little extra water from washing down the patio. After getting the Girls squared away it was time to get dressed and get going. My one rule: Never leave the house without mascara AND when the chips are down, dress your best. I still have some tan left. It was going to be warm today so I put on a nice tank top with shorts and big, flirty earrings, that I don't often wear.

First stop: JoAnn's to look for copper alphabet brads needed for the Arizona Journal class. Would you believe they were all out? All but one JoAnn's in metro Phoenix has them at the moment. Geez! I decide a trip to Mesa wasn't on my agenda today.This is soooooooooooooooo wrong! Tapes whores, look out! JoAnn's is now carrying patterned packing tape. This was planted on that impulse aisle at the check out line. It worked. I own these now. My name is Marissa and I'm addicted to patterned tape....What's that screeeching sound I hear? It's Kelly K. heading to JoAnn's right now!

While in South Phoenix my next stop was Gardener's World. I had a coupon to buy a Lantana to replace the one the painters demolished. I bought "Radiation." In keeping with my warm color theme, it has orange blooms. I think the one above is a "Samson." I look forward to my honeysuckle looking this good. It's grown but doesn't have many blooms yet.Next stop: Half Price Books near Paradise Valley Mall. I was hoping to find Arizona Highway Magazines for paper weaving in the AZ Journals. I have a pile at school but I can't bring myself to cut those up. I don't think anyone is going to be able to get close to this Agave issue...Half-Price Books is a dangerous place. They have 2010 calendars which I usually don't touch before everyone lowers the prices in February or March. Well these are already marked down with a little more incentive with my teacher's discount...Um, yes, found this too. All the black pattern is embossed on the cover.There are some collages inside. Beautiful!Each page had a poem or a quote. Plus there's plenty of room to write a few legible lines every day. Last stop: The Big Box store down the street to pick up some dog bones. I was looking for knuckles but had to settle for these. Unfortunately, these are only going to last about a day versus a week for the knuckles.

Today has been remarkably easy. I could let the thoughts creep in but I haven't let myself go there. No, don't want to go there. The one thing I don't wonder is "why?" I think I know why and it has little to do with anything I could do. It's about how he feels about himself and what he believes he deserves.

Perhaps I'm still in a state of denial and expect the phone to ring when he realizes what a mistake he's made. Ugh! Can't do that to myself. The Chicklet didn't ask about the BF so that conversation hasn't taken place. At least we can take this situation and use it as a learning experience. How to handle getting dumped...When all else fails focus elsewhere. Plenty of that to go around. Art grades are due by the end of the week. The Chicklet has Girl Scouts tomorrow but wants to go to Borders for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid new book release. Kids after hours, not my top choice.Give me Yellow Bells moving in the wind and this eager, beaver, mug.


  1. Ha-lol-have those tapes!! LOL!!! ;)

    The calendar though is another thing! I LOVE the 2010 one-wow!!! $10 is a steal esp. since you can't get an old ledger now without paying a mint for it!

  2. There's something to be said for "doggie" companions. And, they can't text message!