Sunday, August 16, 2009

This time last Sunday...

We ate cake! The Chicklet attended a birthday party and we stuck around to enjoy the festivities.I must say it was a total blast. The kids started out with a "waffle bar." Home made waffles with fruit, spreads and all kinds of yummies to add on. Then they got to work it all off on the water slide.Waffle bar....water day...Perfect! But the fun had to come to an end. We were about to get on the freeway when I decided to take a detour.
A few monthes ago I picked up a local publcation and I zeroed in on a short write up about some local Phoenix merchants who were tired of they're back alley constantly being vandalized and painted with graffiti.They organized local graffiti artists and had them paint the length of the alley. I finally made the effort to find it and see it for myself a few weeks ago.Since we were only a few blocks from the birthday party, I made my way down the alley again. It was blocked. Caution! Artists at work.This was too cool! I could have stayed in the car but my curiousity got the best of me. The "Grafitti Artist Basic Kit." there was another full crate in the trunk of the artists' car.
The guys were cool about letting me take pictures while they worked. This artist identified himself as "York."I'm not sure what I expected but both artists were friendly and polite but focused on their work.
York seemed to perk up when I mentioned I was an art teacher but disappointed when he realized I worked with little kids and not high school.Hello Shari!!!! Shari came into town from Chicago to enjoy the week of Art Unraveled. We met in a class a few years ago and lost touch so it was great to hear from her. We were able to check out some local sites including Grafitti Alley!After a brief breather, we were off again to drop the Chicklet off at Mary Coyles ice cream parlor for a Girl Scout tour and a mountain of ice cream. I helped them finish off a scoop or two of Base Camp 1.I mentioned Art Unraveled. With so much going on, I wasn't planning on participating this year. I was totally OK with that. I'm trying to brainwash myself with thoughts of work more on my art work, take fewer classes. Shari's visit got us to AU. The Chicklet and I spent time with her at the pool and we visited with the other attendees. The art virus spread...
I signed up for Alisa Burke's "Larger Than Life" workshop. Oh my G-d, what absolute fun! Sorry about the sideways pic. It wouldn't come up right side up. The green painting above was a sample Alisa worked on at the beginning of class. Oops! I forgot to take pics of my pieces. It'll give me something to post later in the week. In the meantime, Alisa posted pics from the class on her blog. Good stuff!The workshop was on Monday, the Chicklet's first day of school. We forgot to take that first day of school pictures, yikes! We'll take the first day of second week pictures. She has s totally new haircut.

In a momemt of calm, I noticed the morning light coming through the lace curtains creating a shadow on the leaves. Cool! How long has that been happening until I finally noticed?
This is what my hunger for blue has been about. The painters have arrived! First to get done-the blue walls.
I am happy dancing!!!!!!!!!! I've been making cracks that these walls are visible from the moon. "Vivid" comes close to describing them. They are easily seen from either end of the block. Turn the corner and "POW," the color packs a punch. That wasn't my intention with chosing this color. I've drooled over this color with every turn of a page, with every glimpse as I've driven by...
With so many changes, a new doormat was in order. Turned out to be too hairy. Oh, and belly rubs are required!
Freia says, "Hi!" Now scratch my belly....

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