Friday, August 14, 2009

Here We Are!

First meet "Kenny" our Sharkskin Agave. As you can see, Kenny received the royal treatment on his ride to his new home, our yard.Front courtyard patio completed! This took place almost 2 weeks ago. Been a little side tracked the last two weeks.
We had a cool turn in the weather-low 100's and we spent an few evenings sitting in the patio enjoying the outdoors.
Yes, it's a fountain. I chose not to connect it to water but the bottom area is filled with potting soil. Once the weather cools we'll plant annuals or herbs. Now you can see what we had in mind for the spaces between walls. 3" x 3" metal grid. Everything was planned so that standing in front of an open area highlighted an agave, the fountain, and the Desert Museum Palo Verde.
The side yard from the carport to the backyard. Oh, how absolutely beautiful!
One of two mesquite trees in the backyard.
Happy, but fuzzy faced, Freia. So far no plants have been trampled on. The girls are doing good. Freia spent a lot of time barking at these gentlemen-part of the hardworking crew from Gardeners' Eden that spent 2 hot weeks working on my dream landscape. Thank you!

Next post: Paint! Think "Blue," think "Red," think BRIGHT!

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